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Hyundai Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are parts that meet the same quality and design requirements as the ones used when vehicles are manufactured. They are certified, distributed and guaranteed by the car manufacturer. That’s why Genuine Hyundai Parts are designed with every other part of your vehicle in mind to ensure that your vehicle runs as smoothly and efficiently as it did the day you drove it off the show room floor. Genuine Hyundai Parts are stringently tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards ensuring that your vehicle benefits from years of design and manufacturing expertise. By only using Genuine Hyundai Parts you will ensure your vehicle works at its optimal level.
When your Hyundai is built, it’s made from steel from our own plants, so we can be sure of its quality. All Hyundai genuine parts are produced to the same exacting standards as those originally fitted.
By insisting on genuine Hyundai replacement parts, you can ensure there is no compromise when it comes to quality, safety and reliability. All Hyundai genuine parts come with a 12month /20000km warranty. There are no subsititutes for Hyundai Genuine Parts. Insisting on Hyundai Genuine Parts is critical to your vehicle’s structural integrity, long-term performance, safety, and value. Not to mention your peace of mind.

Hyundai Genuine Accessories

Designed and approved for your car, our Hyundai Genuine Accessories are the ideal way to give your vehicle a personal touch. With a wide range available, you can create the Hyundai that’s perfect for you.
All Accessories are Hyundai-approved, so you can be sure they won’t affect your car’s warranty it is specifically made for your model, to ensure a perfect fit
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