Parts Warranty

Over the Counter Parts:
Passenger and light commercial vehicles AS from September 2019 – All parts purchased over the counter at a Hyundai Approved Dealer will carry a 3 year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty. The warranty period will commence on the date the parts were purchased which will reflect on your purchase invoice. All parts purchased from a Hyundai Approved Dealer and installed by a Non Approved Dealer will only carry a parts warranty ie 3 year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty (excluding Labour). If a part fails that has not been installed by a Hyundai Approved Dealer, the vehicle must be taken to a Hyundai Approved Dealer for a full diagnosis around the defect / fault. If it is found that the defect/ fault is a Manufacturers related defect, then the part will be replaced without charge to the Customer (parts & labour).

Exclusions relating to the 3 year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty on Parts:
The parts that are replaced under the basic warranty period will be covered in terms of the factory basic warranty conditions until such warranty expire. All service items and parts (for example but not limited to : V-belts; Cambelts; Spark plugs; air filters ; fuel filters; oil filters; pollen filters; wiper blades; and light bulbs) carry no warranty. All electrical components purchased over the parts counter at a Hyundai Approved Dealer carry no Warranty, unless fitted by the Approved Dealer.

The following are also not covered under the 3 year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty on Parts:

  • Parts that fail due to abuse, misuse, neglect, alteration or accident, or which have been improperly lubricated or repaired.
  • Parts used in applications for which they were not designed or not approved by Hyundai Automotive South Africa.
  • Failures due to normal wear.
  • Failures caused by the use of non-Hyundai approved parts.
  • Incidental or consequential damage, including without limitation, loss of time, Fuel , accommodation, vehicle rental, inconvenience,loss of use of the vehicle, or commercial loss.

To claim for defective part:
Vehicle must be taken to a Hyundai Approved Dealer. They will perform a full diagnostic evaluation on defect noted. At such time the original invoice must be presented to the Hyundai Approved Dealer to validate the parts claim.

Owner’s Responsibility:
Under this Part Warranty the owner is responsible for:Proper use, maintenance and care of the Vehicle in accordance with the instructions contained in the Owner’s Manual and /or Service Passport. Retention of all maintenance service records. (In the event that a part is bought and it is related to routine servicing, it might be required from the customer to prove that the required maintenance has been performed as specified by a Hyundai Automotive South Africa). Retention of Customer’s copy of the original repair order or original approved Hyundai parts sales counter invoice.

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